Standard Glow Plug Underhead for Wasp and Diablo .28 Engines

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Standard Glow Plug Underhead for Wasp and Diablo .28 Engines

Post by oarie » Wed Apr 13, 2005 12:37 pm

eNVy Racing has just released a replacement underhead button for the Orion Wasp .28 and Peak Diablo .28 engines. This underhead button allows you to use less expensive standard glow plugs rather than costly turbo plugs, while optimizing performance of these engines. Here's what eNVy Racing has to say about this new product:

eNVy Racing wrote:This is a replacement underhead button for the Team Orion Wasp .28 and Peak Diablo .28 engines. These engines use turbo glow plugs with the stock factory head. This button converts the engine to use a standard glow plug and offers better all around performance of the engine.

This underhead button also cures the problem with these engines leaning out after coming off the throttle. This problem has been experienced by many using either of these two engines. Standard glow plugs also save you money! Standard plugs average around $4-$5 each while turbo glow plugs average around $7-$8 each.

eNVy Racing recommends the use of a long plug, such as the McCoy MC-8, although short plugs, such as the O.S. A5 also work well. eNVy Racing supplies recommended beginning needle settings as follows:

LSN: 3 1/2 turns out
MRN: 1/4 turn out
HSN: 4 turns out

These settings should be used for engines which have already been broken in. When breaking in an engine with this button, it is recommended to go 4 turns out on the low speed needle, all the way in for the mid range needle and 4 1/2 turns out on the high speed needle.

FEATURES: Aluminum Construction
Silver in Color
CNC Machined
Drilled For Cylinder Head Screws

INCLUDES: One Wasp/Diablo .28 Underhead Button manufactured by eNVy Racing

REQUIRES: Assembly onto Vehicle with a Wasp or Diablo .28 engine.

SPECS: Diameter: 1.367" (35mm)
Thickness: .09" (2.24mm)
Thickness at Glow Plug Hole: .28" (7mm)

Available exclusively from the SC Store at


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