Big Joe chareristics without the weight question?

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Big Joe chareristics without the weight question?

Post by dragonbat13 » Fri Feb 24, 2012 8:15 pm

I really like my big joes so far, but I know that they are heavy and I also dont like the heavy tire shake at speed.

I am looking for a tire with the same dimensions,  an offroad tire that can still last a while on pavement, and with less weight.

I was thinking about the tried and true dirt bonz on maximizer beadlock combo.  I would most likely belt the insides with gorilla tape to reduce shake.  I know the maximizer is kinda heavy but will this combo still be lighter than Joes on Tech 5 wheels?  

I also am not sure about the offset,  but I dont like the super wide stance that most people seem to like.  I kinda like the truck a little out of control, carrying a little bit of wheel in a wide turn at speed.  Its just seems more fun.

So far I have been considering Dirt Bonz, Badlands (if they still make them when I make my next purchase) or some Trenchers.

The main thing I like about the big joes other than the look is the solidness of the tire,  it doesnt balloon much and the sidewalls give just enough for my liking.  

Keep in mind I have only tried stock Terra Pins,  40 series road rages(didnt like them) and the Big Joes.  So I really havent had much experience with tires.

I dont do any racing but I do like high speed passes in curves along with some jumping.  But if I am specifically doing some high jumps I plan on using the Terra Pins for the added softness on landing.

I would go with the Dirt Bonz but am concerned about the durability on the huge asphalt parking lot I run at alot.


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