23mm hex hub adapter for XL/Flux axles

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23mm hex hub adapter for XL/Flux axles

Post by TheManWithNoName » Sun Jan 20, 2013 3:04 pm


Not to answer myself but I used topcad hexes for traxxas and drilled down 5mm. That giv and edge of 4.5 mm when done. The HPI original hexes seem to be 4.3mm
and the 0.2 gives less play between the bearings, axle and purple extender tube.


is there a direct bolt on 23mm hex hub for the XL or Flux axles? I read Proline used to have such thing but it being discontinued.

Also found this:
Savage XL
Savage XL Flux x 2
Brushless XXL coming up
TT mt4 g3 - Sold!

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