Big Joe II's for Flux XL with Center Diff

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Big Joe II's for Flux XL with Center Diff

Post by donyms » Wed Nov 06, 2013 12:40 pm

I have looked around for this question but have not found an answer yet so any input would be appreciated. I am now running the Goliath tires on my Flux XL and I am happy with them except for the lack of traction in the dirt or traction period. They are large 40 series tires and I have no heat problems or anything. My question is, if I get the Big Joe II tires and put on my truck are they going to wreak havoc on my drivetrain or are they not that sticky? I looked at the Badlands also and while they are great looking tires, I don't want to drop the OD size that much. The big Joe's are just a little smaller than what I am running now. Thanks for any input.

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