Gear ratios/tires on various batteries

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Gear ratios/tires on various batteries

Post by snopro » Wed Apr 08, 2015 9:21 pm

So long read ahead, I initiall ran my flux HP on 20T 3s, worked fine other than breaking *censored* all the time, swapped out to 25t, and bought some 4s batteries, had less issues, running 6s only when 4s was dead. I think my ESC got wet(being the original non water proof version) and light on fight everytime I plugged in batteries. Bought a new one, ran great  for a bit.  Wanted something with less balloon and more track friendly than the stock tires, so I bought the Vorza flux stock tires(the small knobbies) and took it to the local track. truck ran about 20 feet and I siezed my motor. I just purchased a new motor and its on the way, can someone please explain gear ratios/tires to me please as I have both 6s and 4s setups, and 20t and 25t pinions, aswell as stocktires/vorza flux 1/8 tires.

Im pretty good with math but have absolutely no analytical sense when it comes to gear ratios. what is recomended for 4s/6s as far as gear ratios, and how will running 6s/4s be impacted using 20t/25t as well as how will that all change swapping to a smaller tire??

i know its a long read but if one of you can help me it would be really really appreciated.

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