Savage Flux Temporarily Discontinued-"Production Issue&

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Savage Flux Temporarily Discontinued-"Production Issue&

Post by pomplemus » Tue Oct 20, 2015 9:01 pm

Hey everyone, its been a long time since I've been here. Going to school for [s]four[/s] five years isn't the most conducive environment for running a nitro Savage. Anyway, I was hoping to get back into soon RC since I'm close to graduation, but my XSS was stolen about a month back. My apartment complex threw my stuff out without my permission a day early, but I should learn soon whether or not they will be reimbursing me for for at least my Savage. Time to bring it back!

I'm using this as an excuse to break into electric this time around, going all out with a Flux HP, a few upgrades right off the bat, and some SMC 9000mah 60c lipos. Just one problem- the Flux isn't in stock anywhere, and apparently hasn't been for a few months! I heard that its been "discontinued for the foreseeable future", so I emailed HPI and asked them whether I should be looking into the used market instead. Their response:

"I'm sorry, there is simply a production issue holding up the release of more
Savage Flux HP models at this time. I'm not aware of a new version, updates,
etc. at this time..."

So there's a problem with production? Since the only meaningful difference between the flux and the nitro Savages are the motor and ESC, I would guess there is some hiccup with the HPI re-branding of the Castle ESC and motor. Maybe there is an issue with Castle supply?

Just wanted to share this information with the community, and get this out there so people know whats going on. Anyone have a used Flux they would like to sell? :wink:

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