Tamiya 801XT Clutch For Savage

Questions about Hop Ups for the Savage.

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Tamiya 801XT Clutch For Savage

Post by I_Like_Nitro » Wed Feb 25, 2015 12:56 am

For anyone looking for additional clutch options, I can verify the following works well:

1. Collect: X4.6
2. Flyweel: X4.6*
3. Clutch Nut: X4.6
4. Clutch Shoes: X4.6 (TAM9404980)
5. Clutch Springs: X4.6: (TAM9404983)
6. Clutch bell: X4.6
7. Shims/Spacer: X4.6**

*The Tamiya flywheel is recessed but there there is plenty of stock end float to consume but it would be a close fit.

**Like the X4.6 bell, the Tamiya's clutch bell depth is shallow compared to Mugen/OFNA/TLR/Agame. Recommewnd 3x.01 shims for the shoes to ensure they don't hit the top of the bell, specifically after they become jagged. I forget the bearing shim sizes I used but if you need them let me know and I can measure. I was able to shim it well.

The ones in the pic below have 1.5 gallons (in three (vehicles/flywheels/bells) and have held up fine. They are a med wt shoes. There are .95/1.0/1.05 springs available, Nice clutch setup for sure.

I have two sets of them and use them as backup/test clutch setups

Just another option in the event you find a good deal on the shoes/springs

[img][img]http://i1368.photobucket.com/albums/ag1 ... rs0uit.jpg[/img][/img]

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