Add Lightness to an XS - how to do it?

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Add Lightness to an XS - how to do it?

Post by always_a_rhythm » Mon Feb 10, 2014 8:09 pm

One of my favorite quotes from Colin Chapmin, founder and owner of Lotus automobiles is this. When asked how to make a good race car he said, "Simplify and Add Lightness."

I love this Savage XS. It bashes. It jumps. And Its' screaming fast. But it is heavy!
And heavy causes other problems. It makes the steering unresponsive. It makes the thing roll over because it's a little top heavy. It slows down acceleration and braking times.

Here's my question how can I shave some pounds from my XS?
I suspect that replacing plastic bits with aluminum bits is not going to help. Generally aluminum is heavier than plastic.

So what do you recommend?

I want to keep this truck strong for bashing, but I want to add some lightness.
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