XS flux must have upgrades to be bulletproof

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XS flux must have upgrades to be bulletproof

Post by Sp33dkills » Mon Jun 09, 2014 1:16 pm

Hello everyone ....great site ...I'm fairly new to electric and I recently (2months ago) purchased the XS flux and luck would have it a passing car ran it over partially smashing half the truck ...so since this happened I salvaged everything I could and I am going to rebuild it, but this time I'm gonna make it a beast ..everything was stock

But now I want to upgrade it to the max..

I went ahead and purchased a castle creations with fan/shroud
1/10 Mamba max pro ESC smart sense w/1415 series 2400kv motor

What gearing should I use for bashing? Looking for stupid speed and torque..

I wish the Alza diff upgrade would fit into am XS cause I would have ordered that already, so that being said what upgrades should I do to the entire drivetrain to make it bulletproof as possible and handle all the speed and torque the 1415 series is gonna give it?

What is the best battery combination for this setup?

Money isn't a problem, just looking to make this XS a beast ...I am also knee deep into reading as many posts as I can so I might answer some of my own questions but I just wanted to get a thread started so I can get help from the pros...

Thanks guys

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