large number shock oil wt??

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large number shock oil wt??

Post by CRSMP5 » Fri May 16, 2003 8:13 pm

i keep seeing this pop up here and there asking abt the 100wt oil.. so here is the chart on it..

100wt is not a typo, it's just on a different scale. HPI is using "cps" and it's supposedly more accurate. I got the following from a post on the Starting Grid.

100 Cps = 10 WT
150 Cps = 15 WT
200 Cps = 20 WT
275 Cps = 25 WT
350 Cps = 30 WT
425 Cps = 35 WT
500 Cps = 40 WT

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