Roto-Start spins, engine doesn't.

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Roto-Start spins, engine doesn't.

Post by sfgascott » Fri Mar 12, 2004 8:07 pm

If you have a Roto-Start fitted onto your Savage, you may run into this one. If you try to start the engine when it's flooded, you will risk breaking the one way bearing. To avoid this, listen to your engine as you are trying to start it. If it starts to sound different, and you know you are getting fuel to the engine and it's not starting, STOP! Pull the glowplug, turn the truck upside down, crank the engine a few times to clear the fuel out, replace the plug, and it should fire right up. Also, don't hold the Roto-Start button down for longer than just a few seconds, as this can burn out the switch.

If the Roto-Start is spinning, but not turning over the engine, it may be too late. Pull the Roto-Start housing off and look at the one way bearing. If it is cracked, usually you will see a crack down one side of the bearing.

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