What's the best pipe for my Savage?

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What's the best pipe for my Savage?

Post by sfgascott » Fri Mar 12, 2004 8:26 pm

This question gets asked alot. There are a lot of good pipes out there, and to be honest, almost all of them are better than the stock plastic pipe. Here are some to consider.

I like the HPI polished race pipe, and the HPI ribbed pipe. The ribbed pipe seems to give better low rpm performance while the polished race pipe seems to give more power at higher rpms. The ribbed pipe is as loud or louder than the stock pipe while the polished pipe is much quieter.

HPI 86139 Purple Polished Race Pipe

HPI 86138 Silver Polished Race Pipe

HPI 86188 Silver Ribbed Pipe

HPI 86187 Purple Ribbed Pipe

HPI 86186 Black Ribbed Pipe

The Hot Bodies aluminum tuned pipe is a good one too! It provides good power at all RPMs

Hot Bodies Tuned Pipe

The THS one piece pipe is an excellent choice, but costs a bit more.

THS Pipe

A lot of guys like the TSAIS pipe, or the Cherry Bomb pipe. Some claim a slight loss of low end power, but an increase of power in the upper RPM range. This pipe has become very popular with Savage owners due to its quieter sound and stylish looks.

Cherry Bomb Pipe

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