Should I use grease on the inside the center transmission?

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Should I use grease on the inside the center transmission?

Post by oarie » Sun Mar 09, 2003 3:28 am

The center transmission is designed fo run without grease. Most of the gears in the center transmission are nylon on metal and do not require lubrication. Grease inside the center transmission can actually cause problems if any should get on the 2 speed clutch.

Don't confuse this with the front and rear differentials. Those have metal-on-metal gears that take much more abuse than the center transmission and can see much higher rotating speeds if the diff unloads while cornering. The differential gears need to be greased every once in a while as shown in the instruction manual on page 19.

Note: the first version of the Savage instruction manual (12840-1) didn't show grease applied to the diffs on page 19, update your manual as shown in our on-line manual (12840-2). All Savage trucks have had grease in the diffs, even if the instructions didn't specify it. We recommend Team Associated's Green Slime.


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