WHY does my 1 way bearing slip?

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WHY does my 1 way bearing slip?

Post by CRSMP5 » Thu Oct 28, 2004 12:57 pm

ok, this thread is needed and should have been done long ago..

1st there are 2 different engine types, engines with internal 1 way bearingsand engines with external one way bearings, the links ar to articles on rebuilding of engines that show the differances in the photos..

2nd fuel used is a issue. some fuels have a high castor oil content, like traxxas (my back up fuel if i cannot get odonnal). Blue thunder even though has NO castor their oil package is a issue.

external 1 way bearings are less prone to fuel being a slipping issue, the normal issue is the back plate start shaft seeps fuel into the 1 way bearing, the heat boils the fuel away leving a oil residue that makes it slip. this is a simple to solve issue. if pull start shoot nitroclean or fresh fuel down the pull start cord and give a few pulls and life is good.. if roto start a small hole drilled into the rotostart backplate to do this works great

internal 1 way bearings. this IS A ISSUE on fuel. ive been using odonnal for quite some time with very little issues of bearing slippage, it takes leaving fuel in the engine for a month to have it slip alittle. blue thunder on the other hand is a everytime you want to start it issue. a simple change in fuel helps the most, but if your insistant on the fuel you have, or its all you can get, here is a nice tip... remove the glow plug, flood the engine, you will notice once it floods and you turn it over a few times slowly it quits slipping, then you must unflood the engine, i suggest levign the glow plug loose, getting it runnign then tightening the glow plug. the flooding trick works great.. just make sure its not flooded when you goto start it.

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