original truckzilla .46 engine

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original truckzilla .46 engine

Post by ellabbs » Sat Jan 22, 2005 2:42 pm

the early engines supplied for the zilla, the .46 engines are renowned for the main bearing in the crakcase`s collapsing, mine did,on two engines, jamming the motor up solid whilst i was trying to pull start it, i stripped it down and the outer cage of the bearing was nowhere to be seen. I replaced the bearings and rebuilt the engine, it was when i was refitting the exhaust i saw where the cage had got to. It was in the manifold part of the exhaust, which means it passed straight thru the engine, ( ouch ) and this was a new second hand engine with only 5 tanks of fuel thru it. Anyway ive started it up now and all seems ok, but piston and cylinder liner have got to have been damaged, so im going to look out for a cylinder liner and piston when my funds recover.

had i been warned about this problem i may have changed the bearings prior to their collapse.


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