Savage X parts compatibility

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Savage X parts compatibility

Post by sfgascott » Thu Mar 30, 2006 10:14 pm

Copied from HPI's site...

Savage X parts that will fit on past Savage trucks:
Nylon Roll Hoop (more durable)
Nylon Rollcage (engine protection)
Warlock Wheels* (stronger 17mm hex hub)
17mm Hex Hubs (stronger)
GT-2 Tires (lighter)
Turnbuckles (easier to adjust) Transmission Case (easier to remove)
Differential Housings* (front and rear)(easier to remove)
Shock Towers (additional shock locations)
Suspension Arms (lighter)
Radio Box (easier access)
Slipper Clutch (dual pads plus rubber dampening)
Savage X Chassis Plates* (lowered CG)
F4.1 Engine
* May require a few extra parts for conversion

Parts carried over from past Savage trucks:
Internal Differentials
Internal Transmission
C Hubs
Body Posts
Body Position
Engine Mount & Plate
Servo Saver
Shocks and Springs

Past Savage parts that will NOT fit on the Savage X:
Alloy Roll Hoop
Spur Gears (hardened steel gears will fit with new inner hub)
Polycarbonate Receiver Cover
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