Battery Relocation Mod

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Battery Relocation Mod

Post by sicj » Wed Jul 14, 2004 11:08 pm

We all know and have experienced the poorly designed Savage radio box and how little room there is when reverse is installed. Sure you can take your time and pack everything in there, but what happens when the battery needs to be removed and a new battery put back in? Sure the charging jack solves half of the problem but what about out in the field and the battery dies? time to remove it.... anyways I created this mod to completely remove the battery from the Savage radio box and relocate it into a smaller battery box that is attached to front shock tower. This now opens up the space in the front of the radio box that was used for the hump pack, and now can be used to hold the long servo wires. (no more packing and cramming 8) )Here it is....

Parts required:
Part# Z663 Lock Nut M3 (only two lock nuts)
Part# Z517 Binder Head Screw M3x8mm (only two screws)
Part# A349 Rush Bumper Set
Part# 9073 HPI Receiver Protector Small Black
(all HPI part#'s)
the custom mounting bracket (PM skipstr71 for the bracket)

Now that you've seen some pics you can see what I was talking about. The battery box is from a HPI Rush (which I own) and it can hold the 4 cell AA battery pack or a 6V humpack (3 cells on bottom 2 on top configuration)

Here's a front pic so you can see the bracket.

(the wire is out to show you)
You can see is drops down to allow the body mount pins to be removed.

box opened to show the hump pack's position in the box

Now, the battery box is not completely sealed, it's just a holding box for the batt. You can wrap you battery in a balloon the put it in the box, if you drive in snow/water. There is a little notch in the box
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