How to Modify a Futaba J-Connector

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How to Modify a Futaba J-Connector

Post by 32Ford » Wed Mar 19, 2003 1:01 pm

To make a futaba J-Connector fit in a JR or an airtronics receiver is easy and takes no time at all to do.

Tools needed: A pair of Small Snips and a small File. ( The snips i use cut flush and will remove the tab completely in one pass. They also work great for trimming Ty-Wraps, and will cut flush eliminating that little piece of Ty-Wrap that is sharp and left sticking out after you trim using a pair of regular wire cutters. They can be purchased at most Hardware and Tool stores and are useually located in the same area as Wire crimpers.)

Start by sniping the tab of the plug as in photos 3 & 4. The next step is to file the side of the plug you just cut the tab off of. Only a little material needs to removed, as the plug is just slightly wider than an Airtronics Z-Connector or a JR Connector. The next step is to file small bevels on the top of the plug removing the sharp corners as in photos 4 & 5 (the top of the plug is the side opposite from the little tabs that hold the wires in)

Thats all it takes, and you now have a universal plug.

JR and Futaba wire colors are as follows: Brown = Black....Red = Red....Orange = in photo 1.

Airtronics Z connector to Futaba as follows: Black = Black....Red= Red....Blue = in photo 2.

Photos 7 & 8 show the modified Futaba plug installed in a JR receiver.

The only exception to the above servo polarity rule is when using the older Airtronics stuff (non Z connector receivers and servos. All of the current Airtronics equipment is Z connector compatiable that i am aware of.) The signal wire is in the center of the plug on all old Airtronics equipment so to use a JR, Futaba or Z-Connector Airtronics servo with an old Airtronics receiver you must switch the signal and power wires. The same holds true if you use an old non Z Airtronics servo with a JR or Futaba receiver.

JR signal wire is Orange, Futaba is White and Z connector Airtronics is Blue.

Hope this helps when you go to mix and match servos and receivers.

Have Fun!


Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Photo 6

Photo 7

Photo 8

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