Upgrading to the Savage X Radio box on pre-X Savages

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Upgrading to the Savage X Radio box on pre-X Savages

Post by oarie » Tue Oct 10, 2006 11:17 pm

This isn't really a How-To type of a tech tip, it's just a little info to help prevent a potential headache and/or delay in upgrading your pre-X Savage radio box to the much nicer and far more convenient Savage X radio box.

Required Items:

Radio ox Set Savage X

HPI Cap Head Screw M3x12mm (6)

There are no instructions included with the radio box and none are really neecessary. The only thing you need to know is that you will need a 3x12mm cap head allen screw with a machine thread to install the radio box cover lock. This screw is not included with the radio box. The type of screw head is not really so important but you will want something with a 3mm machine thread which is at least 10mm long but no longer than 12mm.

The screw goes through the radio box lower half, then into the cover lock. You will want to install the cover lock prior to installing the radio box into the chassis. It will be difficult to impossible to install the cover lock after the radio box is mounted to the chassis.

Be careful how far you screw the retaining screw into the cover lock because if it is too tight you will not be able to install the receiver/switch holder nor the radio box cover. This will cause you to have to remove the radio box from the chassis to loosen the cover lock. 8O

To prevent this major inconvenience, once you have installed the cover lock onto the radio box lower half assemble the radio box while it is still out of the chassis. Set the final tightness of the cover lock screw so that the box closes tightly. I even made mine so that I have to be pushing down on the radio box lid a bit so that I'm able to turn the cover lock.

If you're like me, the last thing you want to have to do is backtrack when working on your truck. I hope this helps prevent some folks from making the same mistake I made when upgrading my radio box. The new radio box is definitely a worthwhile investment. 8)


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